Expert Secrets Book By Russell Brunson - Best Review 2020

    Do you want to build your brand? You need of Expert Secrets Book by Russell Brunson.

    This is truly a best seller and a must to read for each kind of entrepreneur. 

    Over that past 10 years, Russell Brunson has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their messages out to the marketplace.

    You will finally learn which type of benefits your business will have if you build well your personal brand. The techniques illustrated in this book will show you how to be surrounded by a loyal following, which will hang from your lips, and overall they will by your products.

    In the era of influencers all the skills you can get by reading this book are essential for the future of your business.


    What is Expert Secrets Book by Russell Brunson?

    Expert Secrets is the Russell Brunson follow- up of his own biggest success: DotCom Secrets.

    Expert secrets was published in 2017 and it is a book of 265 pages in total.

    The book will teach you How to create your following. in Which way? Thanks to this book you will become an expert and you will know how to find the right message to change someone else’s life.

    The Russell Brunson brand is a reassurance of the value of this book. Brunson is the CEO of the multi-millionaire company Clickfunnels.

    Moreover, Expert secrets has 4.7 stars and 469 customers review on Amazon.

    This book is specifically created for entrepreneurs who want to run two types of businesses.

    The first, is for those who sell info products. This means who sell: ebook, courses, coaching, or consulting. 

    The second type is  for entrepreneurs who want to use info products to grow their own business. It represents the same strategy used by Russell Brunson to promote clickfunnels which now is a multi-millionaire company.

    in the next paragraph we highlight the main  differences between Expert secrets book by Russell Brunson and DotComSecrets first bestseller success of the Russell Brunson's saga.

    Main differences between the two best sellers: Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets.

    Who thinks about Russell Brunson as an author has an immediate image of his first success, that is DotComSecrets.

    This last one, could be considered similar in somewhat to Expert Secrets Book but in reality there are many differences between the two books. Indeed DotComSecrets is a complete guide on how to run your online business.

    It deals with all the main key factors to create a successful online business as identify your target demographic and how to attract them into your business and naturally how to establish effective communication to turn them into customers.

    Expert Secrets Book for his own nature is less specific. Indeed, this time Russell Brunson wanted to write a book as a guide on creating a business from scratch. You will obtain the fundamentals to launch an expert business which is an effort based on your skills and knowledge and using it to build a profitable product or service.

    It is important to specify that this book can be useful for both new businesses and existing ones

    For instance, these last ones could learn how to create information products to use these to grow their own business by using powerful products as Clickfunnels.


    Expert Secrets Book by Russell Brunson Overview


    5 distinct sections constitute this amazing and completed business book which includes a total of 22 expert secrets (chapters). Let's take a look at each section

    Section 1: Creating Your Mass Movement  

    The first part of the Expert secrets books refers to the “mass movement”, that is your audience or fans, or maybe your community.

    In this part you will learn how to grow and keep your audience (or mass movement).

    These are the two secrets to create a mass movement: shape yourself in an attractive character as a leader or influencer in any sector,  push for a future-based initiative, and come up with a new opportunity (or vehicle) for your followers.

    New opportunities could be  products or services your followers need to get their outcomes. In other words, you have to present your product as if these could allow your followers or customers to become like you or what you are promoting for instance an expert in a certain sector.

    In this first part, three things are covered. What the cause is. How that creates an opportunity, and how a charismatic leader can seize the opportunity. 

    The Charismatic Leader/ Attractive Character: maybe you were never a leader before but you can become it. How? Russell proposes three key factors: Find your target market; How to make your audience fall in love with your product; How to illuminate your audience with targeted communication messages

    The Cause: When the people will believe in you and your cause you are already halfway through work. Expert Secrets Book by Russell Brunson will provide all the skills to influence and involve your people in your course or with your products. 

    The New Opportunity: You will learn how to create a new opportunity that your target audience was looking for

    Section 2: Creating a Belief

    To unify a people is necessary that this one could rely on a common set of beliefs.

    Russell Brunson will teach you how to create a powerful and compelling set of beliefs to influence your audience to become more open to the opportunities you are presenting.

    Believe in something means be willing to buy products or services related to your beliefs.

    The section is divided into 6 chapters: the big domino, the epiphany Bridge, the hero's two journeys, the epiphany bridge script, false belief patterns, and the 3 secrets.

    Mainly, the focus is on creating a belief  for your product by involving your audience in the game. 

    Section 3: Your Moral Obligation

    In this section there will be a well-detailed explanation about every step involved when you will offer new opportunities at your mass movement. How to communicate, the process to break down every barrier, and finally how to educate your audience.

    Covered is how you communicate with readers, the process for breaking down barriers, and finally how you welcome a new reader so that you can educate them appropriately.

    In the first part of section 3 which has two chapters, the stack slide, and the perfect webinar, you will learn how to convince the audience to buy your product and how to use webinars as a selling tool.

    The other following 4 chapters are all to teach you how to create a perfect webinar:  The one thing, Breaking and Rebuilding Patterns, The Stack, Trial Closes

    It will not just be useful to create a webinar but for any face to face situation. 

    Section 4: The Funnels 

    This section will deal with the matter in which Russell Brunson could maybe be considered the most worldwide expert.

    Indeed, He will teach you how to convert visitors into customers by using sales funnels.

    These are the chapters: The Perfect Webinar Model, The Four Question Close, The Perfect Webinar Hack, Email Epiphany Funnels, Epiphany Product Launch Funnels.

    You will realize how many benefits you could realize in creating opportunities for people as well.

    Section 5: What’s Next

    The final secret is: Fill Your Funnel. In this section you will learn how to send traffic to your sales funnels and  some other secrets to run your business as an expert.

    Expert Secrets Book by Russell Brunson final review

    I was waiting for a misstep in the career as a best seller author for Russell Brunson, but after this amazing book I think it will never come and I'm truly happy for it!

    Expert secrets book confirms Russell's genius and his high expertise. 

    This book can be invaluable to an entrepreneur.


    Vote: 10/10


    How to get expert secrets book by Russell Brunson

    As for the traffic secrets book, this part is truly amazing

    .This book and all of the knowledge that it provides to you, is completely free for you!

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