How To Build a Sales Funnel For Your Business

    Learning how to build a sales funnel for your business can be a powerful skill to bring your products to the top.

    Your business success depends on how much you are useful for your customers and if you really solve their problems. People use the internet in search of solutions. 

    Google is so powerful in respect of other search engines because it reaches to give people what they exactly are asking by offering them different solutions. Other search engines fail in this.

    In the same way, you can measure the success of a business on how many and in which ways this business solves the people's problems.

    In this modern age, many businesses can solve people's problems in the same way. It's truly difficult to find a sector where the competition is low.

    So, the ability of a business to promote his own service better than another with the same services decrees the victory of the first over the second. Anyway, maneuvering spaces are tight and high competition means much supply and less demand. How could you convey this demand to customers?

    The answer is easy, through sales funnels you not only connect with your ideal customer at every stage within their buying journey but one nurtures through that journey until they are convinced to spend their money on your product or service.

    So, How can you create a sales funnel? This requires a completed strategy that comprises different aspects and requires full commitment.

    This guide will lead you through any stage of the process which will bring you to create a full strategy to get the best results. 

    We can divide this strategy into 5 different stages:

    1. Establish a connection with your ideal audience
    2. Creating your customized sales funnel
    3. Build your sales funnel with Clickfunnels
    4. Automate your sales funnel with Getresponse
    5. Attract quality leads through paid ads
    6. In this way, we will create a comprehensive framework that will lead your marketing journey into success.

    Now we have every motivation to pursue our work until the end.

    What is a Sales Funnel?

    You can not create your best one if you don't understand what is a Sales Funnel and the importance of a sales funnel within your business. 

    So What is a Sales Funnel? 

    We can define sales funnels as the buying process companies build to turn a target audience into customers.

    Sales funnels exist since when the business is born. For instance, a person stops in front of a physical store to look at a product, and then he/she enter to buy this. This person enters a sales funnel that involves different actors as the customer service. Today's sales funnels are 100% digital and this makes it possible for any business to go online and promote his products.

    But, Will a Sales Funnel Work well with My Business?

    A Sales funnel work for any business or service which match these particular conditions:

    • Your service provides more value than it costs; 
    • you provide a free give away for new prospects; 
    • you have a range of products that fit well your customers' interest (the main goal of a well-formed sales funnel is to get a higher value from each customer than a normal single transaction);
    • You can provide an up-sell for a little cost;
    • You need to provide promotional materials for a life cycle of 10 to 60 days. In fact, you need to take care of each stage of the marketing journey from awareness to conversion.
    • You should consider a small budget to invest in paid ads or you need to work on providing free organic traffic for your site (with blogs, social media, etc.) 

    If you already match all of these criteria, you can start to build your sales funnels if it's not, first work on those conditions.

    Which tools you can use to build your sales funnel?

    The Market is full of tools you could use to build sales funnels, here we will suggest some that we already use for Empire Marketing Proof and for other Businesses. These are all reliable tools that really matches our purposes. 

    If you follow this step-by-step guide, then you could see results in a short time. If you want to use my same tool I suggest you sign up and learn to use these tools during you are reading this guide. 

    This is the list of tools we will use: 

    Answer the Public - Completely Free

    Ubersuggest - Free

    Clickfunnels Free for 14 days then $97 per month

    GetresponseFree for 30 days then $14 per month until 1,000 subscribers 

    Facebook Ads – $300+ budget for Ad Spend per moth

    Of course, you can find other tools to create a sales funnel, we just suggest you High-quality tools we tried before, and we consider to be reliable, completed, and user-friendly. Those cans generate a positive return on investment in front of a low expenditure.

    This marketing strategy will make it easy to collect prospect leads and turn those in loyal customers. This is a key step forward to your next success. 

    It's time to talk about how to build a sales funnel.

    How to Build a Sales Funnel That Converts

    Each tool we suggested will help us to build any stage of our funnel.

    1) Establish a connection with your ideal audience

    The success of a marketing strategy can me measured by how much it can connect your business with your ideal customers.

    II can be hard to explain and direct your audience to the targeted audience, this is because a sales funnel work well to securing high value leads for your business.

    And how do you do that.?

    To capture the attention of your ideal customers you will pack a custom offer that specifically targets them. How can you do that? How we said above, you need to solve the problems of your ideal buyers to attract them to your services or products. That's it. You will build a super-targeted sales funnel that guarantee to attract your ideal customers into. 

    You need to build each stage in perfect harmony with the others. If you think at the buyer's journey as an entire and not as linking of different stages, it's much likely you will build a well-optimized sales funnel that perfectly serves to your intent to attract as targeted visitors as possible.

    These are usually the main stages of your funnel:

    • Awareness
    • Interest
    • Consideration
    • Conversion

    A well-built sales funnel is a coherent pack to market an ideal customer at every stage. A weapon to capture the largest market share!

    Create Awareness

    Awareness is the first stage when your targeted audience discovers your brand. This is the first meeting with your prospect, and it will likely be online. He/she was typing on the search engine a keyword linked to your brand, and he found you.

    We directly log into the world of keywords. These are very important to be found online on the search engine. 

    You need to list from 10 to 15 keywords strictly related to your brand and the solutions you provide for your customers. Avoid short keywords because those are too much competitiveness and it's truly difficult to rank short keywords. Your keywords are just the representation of your business. If your business has a physical store it is very good if you insert your location into some keywords. 

    This one of the factor which influences your local ranking. Moreover, your keywords, like any other part of your strategy should serve the purpose to provide solutions for your customers.

    Answer to the Public for a map about any keyword. 

    Answer to the Public can be your secret weapon to give you a visual mind map of the common phrase people look on google, yahoo, and being around a specific keyword. 

    The map show questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and keywords related to the main keyword you insert into the search.

    For instance, this is an example of the questions created around the main keyword "affiliate marketing".

    Mapped the list of keywords you were thinking to use for your On-Page SEO, it's time to determine which are the most popular in terms of search volume. Any keyword search tool gives results on a monthly basis. In this case, we will use Ubersuggest but you can use the keyword search tool you like. 

    You enter a keyword and launch a search. 

    Ubersuggest shows you different data as the search volume and the keyword difficulty. Moreover, it will show you the keyword linked to your and competitor that uses the keyword in content.

    Once you have a clear image of the keywords search volume, you need to look to the competition for any of those. This means that if a keyword has a huge competitively you will need to invest a small fortune to rank your website to the first page of google for this keyword.

    This is because we need to focus on specific keywords with a good amount of search volume but with a lower competitively.

    This job has to be done for each keyword.

    2) Creating your customized sales funnel

    Now you are a clear idea about your keywords, search phrase, and questions that really interest your target audience, you are the main ingredients to create a super targeted sales funnel.

    In the first step, you can create and highly optimized piece of content for free which is a lead magnet for your audience. It will create interest because it will solve the problem of your customers. 

    We’ll keep the affiliate marketing example. 

    In this phase keywords and phrases, you obtained by Answer the Public become very important. Indeed, to attract your ideal customers you need to create content that answers your customers' questions. 

    It could be:

    5 ways to …

    How to …

    Improving my affiliate commissions by …

    So, your lead magnet will be attractive for any buyer persona looking for ways ... to improve their affiliate business (for instance).

    You can easily understand as a careful reflection about the keywords you used to create your lead magnet content can be really the secret to create "hot" interest on your products in your visitors. 

    Here’s a quick lead magnet checklist to be sure you nail it:

    •  Highlight it in a landing page 
    • Be short, informative, simple and make it has big value for your customers' questions
    • Offer the solutions for a specific problem and do not lose your target 
    • Make your content evergreen 
    • Give much attention to your logo and website design (pay a professional if it is necessary)
    • Build Consideration

    Once that your visitors will download your free content, then they will be aware of your brands. Now, you have really the potential to solve your customers' problems with your service or products. To make that they trust you and your brand you need to establish authority and trust with your audience and turn them into qualified prospects and then new customers. 

    Naturally, you have to incentivize them by offering some asset that is directly related to your service or product. At this point, you can choose to provide this asset for free or in exchange for a small fee (no more than $100). Maybe it is better to give the chance to your customers to know your product for free. It can be through a free trial, a demo, or a free version.

    Moreover, it is a very good idea to establish trust in your brand through social proofs as reviews, testimonial, and case studies. These real-life examples can help you, customers, to better understand if your product can solve their problems. Those will be an incentive to buy your product as well. 

    In this phase, you are asking your lead to really choose your brand and services. So cover well every relevant aspect which can serve your purpose.

    We are now at the critical point on this guide about how to build a sales funnel, the conversion. 

    Converting Your Prospect

    It's now time to convert a prospect into your customer. 

    Make it easy. You have to remove any friction into the sales process which can compromise the sale!

    For instance:

    • Provide online platform payments that support different payment methods like credit cards, Paypal, Stripe, etc... 
    • build trust: be contactable in several points into the process
    • use web-based contracts and online invoicing platforms

    Ask just the necessary information to complete the transaction. 

    Finally, you created an optimized and automated funnel for your marketing journey.

    Once we answer the question, how to build a sales funnels, we carry on by covering some technical aspect to make it easy to use each tool that can help in optimizing our sales funnel journey. 

    The next tool is Clickfunnels, the best tool to create a sales funnel that really converts. 

    3) How to Build a sales funnel with Clickfunnels

    You could use Clickfunnels to create a sales funnel. In this case with sales funnel we intend a digital product that could dramatically increase the conversions into your sales funnel journey. 

    Website vs Sales Funnel

    An ordinary website contains many pages with different content and call to action, this can be a distraction for visitors. In fact, each marketer relies on a single page to close a sale. Websites tend to lose many potential buyers because of the many options that distract the user from taking the first action. 

    Thanks to Sales funnels you can guide a user to a specific action. Sales funnel eliminate distractions and will make sure you control the action taken 

    With this, you eliminate distractions and make sure you control what users see on each page of your funnel. In fact, each funnel step is designed to automatically bring a buyer to visit the next page and on. This convoy the visitors into a funnel created for a specific action. Usually, sales funnel increases sales. 

    How a beginner can easily build a sales funnel with Clickfunnels

    There are several programs you may use to build a funnel. Anyway, Clikcfunnels is undoubtedly the best. This software is designed to make great online marketing funnels with a few clicks. 

    Before we start to learn how to build a sales funnel, I would recommend getting a14-dayy free trial of ClickFunnels. IIn this way you could create your first funnels while you read this guide. 

    Get a free 14-day trial here and start in building your first funnel.

    - First step: Surf into the ClickFunnels dashboard and click on the + New Funnel button 


    You may also build a new funnel by Clicking on ClickFunnels and click on Build Funnel from the dropdown menu.

    Now you could choose between the following two options:

    - The Classic Funnel Builder

    - The Funnel Cookbook

    There are differences between the to option. 

    In the Classic Funnel Builder, you could choose a goal for your funnel, the type, and select a template for your funnel steps. In Funnel Cookbook you have more advanced options to shape your funnel to your marketing needs and targeted customers. In Funnel Cookbook you could also choose an industry, the type of funnel, and which goal you want to get with your funnel. Moreover, you can choose a template in a list (free and paid templates).

     Classic Funnel Builder

    Selected the classic funnel builder you can now choose the goal for your funnel between three types: 

    • Collect Emails
    • Sell Your Product
    • Host Webinar

     Choose a funnel Type. After that, you type the name of your funnel and you select your group tag, that is a way to organize your dashboard. 

    Selected the group tag you could choose your favorite template. If you prefer, you could look an explainer video which explains the basics of the funnel you choose.

    After that: 

    • Click on Build Funnel and add the funnel to your account.
    • Choose templates to use on your pages for your optimized funnel.
    • Click the Opt-In page from the Funnel Steps menu and choose your custom template for the Email Landing Page.
    • Click Thank You and make the same choice for your thank-you page.

    Once you choose the template for every step it's time to customize your funnel.

    By clicking The Launch Checklist button you will get additional options to customize your funnel.

    If you want you can add and choose a custom domain in "Register a Custom Web Address".

    If you prefer, you could integrate your third-party email integration platform such as GetResponse.

    Now you are ready! Click Launch and share your funnel with the world.

    The Funnel Cookbook

    Through the funnel cookbook option, you could your funnel template by starting from your industry.

    This is the list of the industries:

    • Author/Speaker/ Coach/Consultant
    • Professional services
    • Retail
    • Ecommerce
    • B2B
    • Network Marketing
    • Other

    Selected your industry it's time to choose the goal you want to get with your funnels.

    You can build a Sales Funnel to:

    • Generate Leads
    • Sell a Product
    • Create an Event
    • Other

    You could choose one from different kinds of funnel directory made to get your goal, as for instance the Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel.

    Selected your directory, you could look at a video tutorial that explains the functionalities of the funnel. You can look at the funnel map. 

    Once inside one of the funnel directory, you could choose the template you prefer into a list of free and paid templates and start to adapt it to your brand.

    Adding A Product To Your Funnel

    A sales funnel is a powerful tool to sell a product. So you need to learn how to add a product to your funnel and set a payment gateway integration with Clickfunnels. Both processes are very easy.

    First, click on add a new step, enter the name of this an and click on "Create Funnel Step". Drag the new page you create and place it between the Opt-in Page and the Thank-you page. Choose the type of page, "sales", and select order form from the dropdown menu. Choose the template you prefer for your page and add the order form. Finally, create the product.

    You need to add a supported payment integration. To do that open the product setting page and in payment options click on "add payment integration" and choose the one you prefer.

    BONUS: I want to help you to get the best from Clickfunnels in a short time. I will give you 5 made funnel bonuses for free. Open your Clickfunnels account and click each one of this link, it will automatically update those into your Clickfunnels dashboard. These are the funnels:

    Funnel #1 - Affiliate Share Funnel

    Funnel #2 - Affiliate Bridge Funnel

    Funnel #3 - Application Funnel

    Funnel #4 - Mentor Box A Billion Dollar Funnel

    Funnel #5 - Free Plus Shipping Funnel


    4) Automate your sales funnel with Getresponse


    In your marketing journey, a prominent place belongs to the email marketing strategy. In 2020, email remains the most powerful tool to sell online. This is fundamental. We will choose Getresponse, easy to integrate, and one of the best email marketing platforms in the world. By using Getresponse you could collect a list of your prospects and develop a profitable relationship with them. Getresponse has a deliverability rate of 99,5%. So, you can be sure your message will reach the destination. 

    First, you need to create an account and get the 30 days free trial from this link. After the trial, you will pay $14 per month for the basic plan, which is sufficient to start to make considerable money, and then if you need you could upgrade.

    Getresponse is pretty easy to set up. If you need then you can follow the instructions in the Getresponse Help Centre. In the next paragraphs, you will learn how to build your first automated mail workflow. You can divide this workflow into 6 parts. In this campaign, we will build a follow-up mail that will be delivered across 10 days after the visitor subscribes to the list. 


    5) Attra

    Once you learn the fundamentals, you could adapt your sequence to match well with your business.

    This is the sequence example: 

    Email 1 – Thank You

    Delivery – Instantly after the subscription

    This is the moment to tanks your subscribers to completed your lead magnet form and give them some introductions on who you are and your brand. If your lead magnet is digital (as an e-book) it can be good enclose the link for download in the mail. Indeed, If it is a physical product (as a book) write detailed info about how and when they will receive the product. If you want to start a conversation or you want to have some info more about your prospects, you may add some questions about what they expect to get, or what they think about something, etc...

    Email 2 – Add Value

    Delivery – After 3 days

    It’s time to provide more value to your prospects. It will make a beneficial impact on their life or business. Thorugh this mail you could add something relevant to the first mail or give some other info which can avoid them from making some mistakes and lose much time. 

    Email 3 – Engage with your subscribers

    Delivery – After 5 Days

    This is the moment to engage with your prospects and make your first offer. Keep in mind that now you are asking for money and so you need to offer them something extraordinary that they find difficult to give up.

    Insert your offer into a landing page and put the link of the landing page into the mail. You can easily create a stunning landing page with Getresponse in a few minutes.

    Email 4 – Show them your social proof

    Delivery – After 7 Days

    Maybe, many of your subscribers have yet to take action. You can use this mail to solve their last doubts. This is the moment to use social proof to convince them they are doing the right choice. You can use testimonials, success stories, or case studies. You provide them as much social proof you can. You are going to reassure them that the investment is good.

     You will insert a link to your Offer Landing Page as well.

    Email 5 – Win Back

    Delivery – After 10 Days

    This is your last opportunity. They didn't buy your product or service yet, but they are still subscribed and show interest in your products by opening and interacting with your mails (you could see both the open rate and interaction rate in the Getresponse board).

    It's now you need to serve a strong proof that they are losing something that can really solve their problems.

    Also, in this case, you need to insert a link to your offer Landing Page

    Email 6 – Prospects who bought your product 

    Delivery – Instantly after the purchase

    Your strategy works well! You converted your prospects into Customers! It's time to congratulate them and provide them with an overview of what to expect.

    You need to create a professional and efficient follow-up to lead your customers through the next steps and turn them into loyal customers.

    Attract quality leads through paid ads

    Once you know how to build a sales funnel it is time to attract people into your funnel and through all the stage turn them in loyal customers.

    Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many others give the opportunity to any person to promote his own business through paid ads. In 2020, more than 4 billion people are using the internet to find a solution to their questions. This means that the online world offers infinite opportunities for any business but at the same time there is a great competition. Paid ads are the best way to emerge from this competition. 

    You will use the sales funnel you create with Clickfunnels to promote your offer and attract the targeted audience. Practically, each of this great player with whom you can launch paid ads have advanced features to find exactly your target audience and don't waste your money. 

    Moreover, you could scale and optimize your ads by creating are-targeting and Lookalike audiences. Those are lists of people you can use to reach strictly target audiences interested in your products. 

    Anyway, in the beginning, it is very easy to create your ideal buyer persona, overall if you already have an idea who it is. There are several characteristics you can set up to reach your target audience, such as: 

    • Age
    • Sex
    • Location
    • Interests
    • Demographics
    • Study
    • Profession

    This gives you really the chance to identify your ideal customers and understand the dimension of your audience. Moreover, once you understand the precise characteristics of your audience, you could create a content strategy specifically directed to this one and get very good organic and free results.


    Finally, you know how to build a sales funnel thanks to you can start to build your success. You can adapt it to any business and it will work well in creating the brand and increase revenue. 



    Author: Christian Battistoni


    Affiliate Disclaimer: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. There are no extra costs to you (sometimes you even get a better deal than what's offered to the public and some extra bonuses from me). However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you. View my full affiliate disclaimer here.



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