How To Make Money With Clickfunnels Affiliate + Bonus

    Are you wondering about how to make money with ClickFunnels affiliate?

    Well, I'm sure I can solve all your problems.

    This article will be your personal Clickfunnels Affiliate guide with all of the top strategies to promote it and developing a recurrent high passive income.

    You will know the benefits to become a Clickfunnels affiliate which offers one of the best affiliate marketing programs out there.

    I'm a Clickfunnels Affiliate and I'm truly proud of it. I learned a lot I will continue to learn thanks to the Clickfunnels expert community. 

    It's helping me to create my dream life, create my own business, and build a substantial passive income.

    But, let us of head and speak about How to make money with Clickfunnels Affiliate. 

    What Is and How To Become a Clickfunnels Affiliate?

    The best Clickfunnels Affiliate definition is the one made by Clickfunnels CEOs Russell Brunson, who define funnels hacking as: 

    "A ClickFunnels affiliate is someone who gets paid to bring new customers into the Clickfunnels ecosystem of products."

    As I wrote above, Clickfunnels offers one of the best recurring affiliate programs. Indeed, you don't just gain commission for the first sale but for each time the person you referred buys something for all the life. Moreover, when a referred affiliate subscribes to a plan, you will earn a percentage for each monthly subscription.


    There are three ways to sign up for Clickfunnels:

    Method #1: You sign up for free by clicking this link. You will be not a Clickfunnels user but you could promote it as an affiliate and you will be subscribed into the Russell's Dream Car Challenge

    Method #2: You Sign up for a 14-day trial of Clickfunnels by clicking this link. You will become a Clickfunnels user and you will be automatically subscribed into Russell's Dream Car Challenge 

    Method #3: Enroll in Russell’s FREE Affiliate Bootcamp, which is a daily training with the TOP Worldwide Marketing Experts to make you a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate in just 100 Days.

    Why Promote ClickFunnels?

    Maybe, the right question was, Why Did I not promote Clickfunnels before? Clickfunnels give the affiliate all that they need to develop a reliable and high passive income. We can summarize this in 3 words:




    Apart from these, the Clickfunnels Affiliate program is challenging and enjoyable.

    You practically get commissions for each order a referred does, It could be free books as well as Traffic Secrets BookDotCom Secrets Book, or Expert Secrets Book. Moreover, you will continue to take commissions for each future lifetime orders.

    How does ClickFunnels recognize you?

    Clickfunnels use tracking cookies named Sticky Cookie to know where the buyer came from. In this way, form instance, if a person clicked on your affiliate link but he decides to sign up in Clickfunnels from the official Homepage a week later, Clickfunnels will remember he/she know Clickfunnels thanks to you and this person will become your referred.

    Here are a few more reasons to join the ClickFunnels affiliate program:

    1) High Commission percentage (40% Commissions)

    Depending on the industry, in the affiliate marketing the payout commission range is between 4% to 90%

    The Clickfunnels payout is 40% that is truly high for a recurring affiliate program (monthly).

    To make matters better, you earn a 5% commission for each sale your referred affiliate makes. This is for life.

    Yep…it’s that good of a deal. 

    2) Product Quality is a warranty

    I love Clickfunnels, and after a bit that you use it you can understand how much it is powerful. 

    Clickfunnels is the best funnel building platform out there. There are no doubts about this.

    I could test the positive effects of using this product for my business. Clickfunnels increase my conversions, reduces my cost per lead, and grow my revenue. 

    Thanks to Clickfunnels I can maximize every single promotion. it's a wonderful tool in terms of personalization and to build different specific email lists.

    Long-term satisfaction of his customers his the first goal for Russell Brunson

    On top of that, I know that Russell truly cares about the long-term results of his customers ( Read: What is Clickfunnels: Honest Review + BONUS - 2020)

    Therefore I choose to promote Clickfunnels because I'm sure it can be the secret weapon for every business. 

    3): Quantity and Quality of products you can promote

    Clickfunnels after the 14-days free trial offer to plan at his users (you can be an affiliate also if you don't use it but by using it you could obtain surprising results): the basic plan is $97 per month and the Platinum Plan is $297 per month.

    This means that for each user you refer to Clickfunnels you will earn $39 per month for the basic plan and $119 per month for the Platinum Plan.

    Moreover, Russell Brunson is one of the best worldwide expert marketers and a best-seller author. He created many TOP quality info courses and books with tools and strategies to be a successful entrepreneur. The Best are: 

    PLUS most of Russell's info courses and other products have a high price point:

    - Funnel Builder Secrets: $1,997 to $5,997

    - Traffic Secrets: usually around $297 depending on the promotion

    The One Funnel Away Challenge: $100 (but you get 100% commissions on this one!)

    Funnel Scripts: $797

    When you promote the free Russell's books, your first commission is just $1.00, but you will make more money later when they will buy other materials and they will become full Clickfunnels users. 

    4) High conversion hook offers and challenging trial periods

    Clickfunnels make an effective marketing strategy thanks to it has become a multi-millionaire company which a profit of more than 100 million just in the last year. 

    Russell Brunson created high-converting funnels to attract a lot of people to any offer. Moreover, for each affiliate, they made available a huge quantity of exception marketing material.

    By promoting Brunson's bestseller books as DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets you can get a lot of leads. 

    Indeed, customers will get the books for free (by paying only for shipping) and Russell's courses have a 30-day refund policy as well so these are risk-free. If you consider that the software comes with a 14-day free trial period and that the Bootcamp is free for the first four days. All of these opportunities make this tool very attractive.

    5) An immense amount of training

    At the first approach, Beginner Marketers can be afraid of using Clickfunnels. In reality, Clickfunnels is truly user friendly and in two minutes you can create a professional and optimized funnel to sole your products.

    Anyway, Russell Brunson makes available dozens of training programs and other info products. 

     6): High-Quality Marketing Materials

    When you want to start to promote Clickfunnels you will get in your affiliate dashboard tons of done-for-you promotional material. 

    For any product you will get different kinds of banner ads, images, high-converting prewritten email.

    These affiliate tools make it easy also for newbie marketers to create a profitable profit by promoting Clickfunnels products.

     7) FREE Affiliate Training

    You will get available free for the first 4 days the Russell Brunson's Bootcamp. If you will pay the subscription you will obtain unlimited access to it and other bonus as videos where super affiliates explain their strategy and the architecture of their funnel. 

    In this course, 15 Clickfunnels super affiliates explain how to make a full-time income and become a super affiliate in 100 days. You don't need previous experience and skills you could get great results also if before you were lived as a hermit without internet connections. 

    This course has a value of at least $2k.

    Clickfunnels Dream Car Challenge

    I'm sure you were waiting for it. What is the dream car challenge? 

    The Russell Brunson's Dream Car Challenge is maybe the best affiliate prize ever.

    It's very simple and reckons two steps:

    - If you get 100 active Clickfunnels referred affiliates, Clickfunnels will pay you a car, that's you will receive $500 per month to pay the lease of your dream car! 

    - if you get 200 active Clickfunnels referred affiliates, Clickfunnels will give you $1,000 per month to pay your car.

    Hundreds of Clickfunnels' affiliates are now driving their dream car.

    So If you never think before it's time to know, Which is your dream car? 

    How To Make Money With Clickfunnels Affiliate? 12 Ways To Become a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate 

    Clickfunnels is reliable and multi-functional products. This means you can promote it in anyways and make a substantial passive income for each one of these. We will cover the TOPs strategies in the next paragraphs. 

    1) Funnel Giveaway

    ClickFunnels allows you to create funnels and share these with other peoples with a simple link.

    This means giving at the beginners the opportunity to start their own business with pre-made funnels. It can be an extra incentive to subscribe in. 

    The key is giving them amazing and high-converting funnels. In this way, they have all the tools to start making money online in a few time and It's more likely, they will remain enrolled after the 14-day free trial end as well.

    You will obtain for free 5 high-converting made funnels to use in your promotions. You will get these funnels at the end of this article. 

    2) Build Funnels for Businesses

    This one is similar to the funnel giveaway differ on the fact that you build funnels for specific clients.

    If you become an expert in funnel building you could promote this as service for companies or professionals who need funnels to sell their products and services.

    You could promote your service in freelancer networks as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com, etc.. or by using social media and word of mouth. You will convert them in Clickfunnels fans, this means that they will subscribe in by becoming your affiliates.

    Read this: How To create An Online Sales Funnel (Guide For Beginners)

    3) Give Away Free ClickFunnels Training

    You could offer other bonuses as courses, coaching, e-books, and support for free.

    This strategy works well with undecided people. Maybe the ordered a free Russell Brunson's Book from your links. Therefore, they can be interested in Clickfunnels but they are not sure to subscribe in.

    All that you need to do it's to tell them why Clickfunnels is good for their business and which problems it can solve. Naturally, they need to trust you.

    Though free courses and other training material, you will establish your authority and build trust with them. 

    4) Insert Clickfunnels as a product into a strategy you promote on How To Build A Business

    You could create a course or e-book to teach people pm How to start a business online or how to promote a product online.

    Given its many possible uses, you could insert Clickfunnels as a product in the strategy. 

    This can be for each kind of promotion as how to sell an info product, how to start a business, how to create an online course, how to create a membership site, and many other uses. Be creative and you can find hundreds of products and services to promote with Clickfunnels... Think for instance if you want to promote a yoga course or a tennis course? Clickfunnels will make each promotion powerful! 

    5) Write In-Depth Reviews

    you could write reviews of Clickfunnels products. This is a traditional way to promote Affiliate programs and products. Anyway, it remains among the best methods.

    You could attract organic traffic on your website. In this case, the best thing is to acquire some SEO Skills. Indeed if you want to get your articles rank on the first page of Google you need to look for strategic keywords that can attract visitors on these.

    In this way, you could drive qualified leads into your funnel.

    When you are looking for keywords to write your articles you need to use some key concepts about keywords typologies:

    - Target keywords with buying intent, like “best affiliate programs” or “Getresponse vs. Aweber.” People search for these types of keywords when they are going to buy.

    - Target keywords with a high search volume (A lot of people will search for these and you could get more leads).

    - Target keywords with low competition (you will rank these in som much less time).

    You will find many keywords tools online that can help you in the keyword search as Semrush, Ubersuggest, keywordtool.io, and many others. 

    I suggest you start with "target keywords with low competition", in this way you could rank your website into the search engines in less time. 

    6) Create Your Irresistible Bonus Offer

    You can create your bonus package.

    You have to make your offer irresistible compared to that of other bloggers. In this way. it's more likely they will subscribe with you. 

    It's important that your bonus can be used only with Clickfunnels to encourage new members to continue to use Clickfunnels to don't lose the privilege acquired thanks to your bonuses.

    7) Collect Emails through a Bridge page

    You need to collect the contact of your visitors into your email list. This because through the use of an email autoresponder and a follow-up email sequence you will win the trust of your visitor and you will turn them into customers. 

    You can collect them giving away an exceptional bonus on the bridge page of your funnel. They will insert their contact mail to download the free bonus and automatically subscribe to your list.

    Important, in the  Opt-in form you must specify that they will subscribe to your mailing list to receive promotional offers and other material from you.

    8) Youtube Channel

     Another effective way for a Clickfunnels affiliate to promote Clickfunnels products is by posting product reviews in your youtube channels.

    Many affiliates have become Clickfunnels Super affiliates leveraging this strategy.

    Moreover, Using youtube keywords in your channel is another way to promote your rank an make you an authority in the sector.

    9) Paid Ads

    If you run paid ads on Google, Bing, Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube you can seriously drive a lot of lead in less time. 

    Anyway, you just need to take care of how much you spend. Indeed, if you are spending too much to get a lead it could be not profitable. 

    Naturally, in the beginning, your spending will be high. You need to track each day your results and optimize your offers in the way to diminish the spent and increase the leads.

    Another paid ads which could give you instantly great results is Solo ADS. You can read about this on this article: 

    10) Combined Strategy: Email plus paid ads

    In Clickfunnels you can see the mail of your subscribers. This is fantastic and almost unique in the affiliate marketing world.

    You can see or your affiliate emails in your affiliate dashboard.

    Some Super Affiliates get a lot of results thanks to this combined strategy. Practically, this involves two steps. 

    In the first step, you need to run one or more ads campaign to attract the people into your funnel and subscribe to Clickfunnels.

     Therefore by collecting their email you could contact them in the next days.

    In fact, in the second step, you will send them automated email sequences with a tutorial, contents e free bonus to educate about Clickfunnels and Clickfunnels products. 

    11) Webinars

    Russell Brunson did millions of dollars by using webinars to sell Clickfunnels.

    You could do the same. 

    In the Russell’s Bootcamp, Tyler Clark, a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate, explains the 11 actionable steps that took him from zero to 106 paying ClickFunnels subscribers in less than 100 days. 

    12) Promote The One Funnel Away Challenge

    The One Funnel Away Challenge is one of the most converting Clickfunnels products. 

    Moreover, you will get 100% commission fo every sale. If you consider they pay $100 for the course, you will take $100 for each sale.

    it could be a good idea to insert this into your marketing strategy for Clickfunnels. 

    Therefore, How to make money with Clickfunnels affiliate? If you consider that you can use Clikcfunnels to promote brands and products in any industry, you could find many ways to promote it. This means that apart from the ways we covered before, you can adapt and personalize any marketing strategy to the industry you work for. 

    Conclusion: Are you ready to start your Clickfunnels affiliate career? 

    It’s a perfect time to start an online business with Cliclkfunnels affiliate.

    It can give you the opportunity to conquer your financial freedom and develop a passive income. 

    Now, you are ready to become a Clickfunnels Affiliate. 

    You could do it for free, you do not need to open a paid account and you will be automatically subscribed to the Dream Car Challenge.

    Of course with a paid account you could use Clickfunnels to promote Clickfunnels and all the products you want to promote and you will increase leads and sales. Anyway, you can start for free and open a paid account whenever you want.

    If you are ready to join the program, you can click on the link below:




    It's time to take your FREE BONUS!!  5 high-converting made funnels that you can get for free. In this case, you need to be a Clickfunnels user. You can start with the 14-days free trial from this link.  

    These are funnels you could use to promote different kinds of products.

    To take these you need to open your Clickfunnels Account, click on each funnel below and this will be automatically charged into your Funnels dashboard and ready to be adapted and used for your promotion strategies. You have to do this operation for each funnel.

    In five minutes you will get 5 optimized funnels ready to use! Usually, you need to work for weeks to build it!

    Start to make money online fast with Clickfunnels, take these 5 funnels bonus:


    Funnel #1 - Affiliate Share Funnel

    Funnel #2 - Affiliate Bridge Funnel

    Funnel #3 - Application Funnel

    Funnel #4 - Mentor Box Billion Dollar Funnel

    Funnel #5 - Free Plus Shipping Funnel



    Affiliate Disclaimer: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. There are no extra costs to you (sometimes you even get a better deal than what's offered to the general public and some extra bonuses from me). However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you. View my full affiliate disclaimer here.


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