What is Clickfunnels: Honest Review + BONUS - 2020

    What is Clickfunnels? if you want to start to use or promote clickfunnels you are in the right place.

    Read This Clickfunnels Review and take your decision consciously, at the end remember to take the amazing FREE BONUS prepared for you.

    What is Clickfunnels?

    Clickfunnels is a powerful software to automate your entire sales process, with full control on every stage of the buying journey.

    The Clickfunnels software is specially designed to provide online businesses with a complete sales funnel. It’s very simple to use, you can create a complex funnel in a few minutes.

    Indeed, into the funnel building dashboard you will find a lot of templates designed for each kind of business or promotional offer.

    The architecture of each funnel is perfectly optimized for the search engine.  This improves automatically your search ranking of the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Yandex.

    The sales funnels have been specially designed to collect leads and grow sales. Clickfunnels make it easy to get your marketing goals!

    Apart from this, Clickfunnels offer many useful features that could be the perfect solution for any business.

    I will write about these in the next paragraphs.

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    What is Clickfunnels and how does it work? Why a sales funnel is important in your marketing strategy?

     A sales funnel is specifically created to grow your sales. T's a tool that can make a turning point in your online marketing strategy.

    Indeed, a sales funnel pushes the visitor to take a specific action like a purchase or a subscription in a course, in an event or book a restaurant etc... and it differs from a traditional website that is very rich in pages, posts, and actions to take. These many options let the visitor in a state of confusion by lowering your conversion rate. 

    A Sales Funnel can be compared to a simple mathematical formula: ONE-page x ONE Action = Sale!!

    Practically, a visitor opens a very beautiful and attractive page which invites him to take a specific action that in the case of the product means a sale. 

    Therefore he will enter into a sequence of marketing messages which will push him to take the action you want.

    Naturally if he leaves the page without making a purchase, you can retarget him with your email marketing strategy.

    Your conversion rate will grow exponentially.


    Apply a performing marketing strategy

    Naturally, not all visitors are compulsive buyers. Otherwise you would be the luckiest entrepreneur in the world. 

    You must consider your interesting visitors as prospects.  This means creating a funnel that permits you to get their contact before to arrive at the product page. This means that the first page of your funnel will be a landing page where your visitor will let an email contact or a phone number becoming a prospect. 

    All future marketing messages must be though to build trust and bring your consumer to make a secure sale. 

    Online purchases follow the same psychological path as a store purchase. The majority fo times before buying a product in a shop we need to surf around to understand if we are doing the right choice. A similar process occurs for online purchases.

    Therefore, it would be a good practice to structure your marketing messages in the way to offer value and engage your prospects. They have to like your brand. 

    Read How to perform your email marketing strategy and make money online: Email Marketing Experts: TOP Skills For Top Results


    Why Clickfunnels could be needful for a business owner

    Clickfunnels makes the process to create a sales funnel simply.

    You can create professional sales funnel in two minutes by choosing from the many templates you will find in your dashboard. Moreover, if you want to create your sales funnel from scratch you could do it easily with his powerful drag and drop feature.

    Clickfunnels is an all-inclusive product with whom you can run all the stages of your marketing strategy.

    These are the tool at your disposal: Website Hosting, Landing Page Design, A/B Testing, Email Autoresponder, Affiliate Management, Integrated Payment Systems, PayPal and Stripe, Training Materials, Ongoing Support, Multi-Million Dollar Templates


    Price ranges: 


    Clickfunnels plans Startup Full Suite
    Price: $97 for month $297 for month
    Number of funnels 20 Unlimited
    Number of pages 100 Unlimited
    Number of visitors 20,000 Unlimited
    Number of leads Unlimited Unlimited
    Custom Domains 3 Unlimited
    Actionetics No Yes
    Backpack No Yes
    Affiliate Program Integration No Yes
    Number of billing option integrations 1 3



    Honest ClickFunnels Review

    Now you know what is Clickfunnels I want to let you my review about this product. 

    I think that Clickfunnels could be a useful tool for every business. Of course, the price seems high if compared to the many free or cheap tools available online, but these last ones are free (or cheap) tools limited in features and quality which will never bring you advantages.

    Clickfunnels is an all-in-one marketing platform that permits you to manage the entire marketing process in a unique place saving the costs to pay many tools and making easy and fast the management. 

    So, Can you save money thanks to Clickfunnels? YES, of course!

    Does Clickfunnels all the work for you? Absolutely not! Clickfunnels must be included in an optimized marketing strategy to work well!

    Can you promote different plans or products with Clickfunnels? Yes sure, with the Startup plan you can create until 20 different funnels.

    Could you get direct sales? Yes, this is the TOP! Sales Funnel are have been optimized to grow the conversion rate!

    Could you become a Clickfunnels affiliate? Of course! Clickfunnels offers one of the highest commission plans in the market! You will get the 30-40% lifetime every single month for each sale. Moreover, when ìn you will get 100 affiliates, Clickfunnels will pay you a dream car! You could choose a car from the top brands and Clickfunnels will pay your leasing or long term rent. 


    VOTE: 9/10


    If you want to understand what is Clickfunnels really and try his power tools, you can sign in for 15 days free trial from this link: Clickfunnels 15 days free trial

    I'm grateful you read my review until the end!

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    Funnel 1

    Funnel 2

    Funnel 3

    Funnel 4

    Funnel 5

    So, What is Clickfunnels? An amazingly powerful tool to create professional sales funnel which will bump your business in the sky!

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